4 Reasons Why Single Ply Roofing is a Great Material for Distribution Center Buildings

4 Reasons Why Single Ply Roofing is a Great Material for Distribution Center Buildings

4 Reasons Why Single Ply Roofing is a Great Material for Distribution Center BuildingsDistribution center buildings stock and process millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise for retailers around the country. Even the smallest warehouses can have massive amounts of valuable stock on hand, which is why it is always vitally important to ensure the safety of these products.

Not only that, rooftop equipment like ventilation and HVAC equipment also require protection from outside, while the structural integrity of the building is closely linked with the roof. So, it’s essential that a strong and durable roofing material is used to guarantee protection from the elements, with single ply arguably being the best choice available for a distribution center.

Here’s 4 reasons why single ply roofing is a great material for distribution center buildings:

Quick and Easy Installation

Single ply roofing is one of the simplest types of roof materials to install. It can be done very quickly, which is important for distribution centers, as they will require minimal downtime during the installation process, otherwise it can hurt their bottom line and lead to unnecessary frictions with retailers they supply.

Given the large size of your average warehouse, roof installation can take a long time to install, so the less time this takes the better it is for the business. With single ply, you can expect fast installation, with the roofing laid much quicker than any other material.


Various materials can be used in single ply roofing, with each one offering incredible durability and protection from the elements. They are resistant to UV damage, waterproof, and far less susceptible to tears, punctures, and blisters than other roofing materials.

A durable roof material is a must for any distribution center, as any type of leaks could damage the products being processed inside, causing massive losses to stock awaiting distribution.

Whether ED, TPO, or PVC, single ply roofing materials are highly durable and will last for decades when properly installed. This doesn’t just offer exceptional protection over the years, but also a fantastic investment that represents great value for money.

Flexible Roofing Material

Distribution centers are large buildings that often have irregular shaped roofs. This can make installing certain roofing materials very difficult, usually increasing the time to install and the overall cost of the new roof.

Single ply material doesn’t have this issue, as it’s a highly flexible so can be installed on roofs of any shape or size. It’s also lightweight, meaning it won’t put any stress on the building structure, which is important due to the high volume of roofing material that is typically installed on a warehouse roof.

Energy Efficiency

Single ply materials are energy efficient, minimizing the amount of heat loss through the roof of the warehouse, being one of the best insulation roofing materials available. This means less money spent heating bills, which are usually very high in large distribution centers, further highlighting the cost effectiveness of the material.


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