7 Reasons Why Single Ply Roofing is Great for Hotels

7 Reasons Why Single Ply Roofing is Great for Hotels

7 Reasons Why Single Ply Roofing is Great for HotelsSingle ply roofing has grown in popularity over the years especially as one of the best commercial roofing systems for hotels, restaurants, and other properties because of its ability to provide long-lasting durability, flexibility, and strength. It’s no wonder that building owners, roofing contractors, and architects love this product.

Here are 7 reasons why single ply roofing is great for hotels:

Installation Cost and Time

As compared to other types of roofing systems for commercial properties, installation of singly ply roofing is quite easy. However, the understanding of the needs surrounding the installation as well as the knowledge of the product is required for best results. Single ply roofing is great for hotels because its installation is more cost effective and much faster as compared to other types of roofing system.

Proven Performance

EPDM or rubber roofs have been in use for decades and have a proven track record of performing well for over 50 years. While PVC and TPO are newer to the single ply game, their performance has been quite promising. In fact, these new types are increasingly becoming the gold-star options among single ply membranes.

Strength and Durability

Singly ply roofing is highly durable. It is chemical resistant, wind resistant, fire resistant, and keeps out water with its airtight sealing. With a proper installation, singly ply roofing can last 20-25 years with no issues. Single ply membranes are flexible and strong, reinforcing the building structure while allowing for contraction and expansion in weather extremes.


Since single ply roofing systems are made up of one layer of membrane, they reduce their weight per square foot significantly. This leads to a much easier load for the roof to bear. Less stress to the roof equals better performance and greater longevity.

Energy Efficiency

Singly ply roofing can save you thousands of dollars on cooling and heating over the years. Their surface is highly reflective and bounces the sun rays off the building, keeping it cooler during the summer season. White top coat particularly can improve reflectivity and lower the temperatures of rooftop by as much as 80 degrees. Because of its properties, single ply roofing is often referred to as a ‘cool roof’ in many areas as it helps the building stay cool in hot summers, saving you up to 50% on utility bills.

Excellent Vapor Barrier

Single ply roofing also offers an excellent vapor barrier. This is a great advantage of choosing this type of roofing for hotels and other commercial properties. You can install it to ensure added protection in areas where air infiltration is a concern. When used at a cold storage facility or warehouse, single ply membrane is very flexible and can be installed just about anywhere.


Another reason single ply roofing is great for hotels is that it needs far less maintenance as compared to most other types of roofing. As humidity and temperature levels fluctuate between extreme lows and highs, asphalt roofing becomes brittle, leading to leaks and cracks. Single ply roofing doesn’t have this problem, so it is easier to maintain.

As you can see, there are several reasons why single ply roofing is great for hotels. Because of the many advantages, this type of roofing is always worth the investment.


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