4 Signs That You May Need to Replace the Roof on Your Commercial Building

4 Signs That You May Need to Replace the Roof on Your Commercial Building

4 Signs That You May Need to Replace the Roof on Your Commercial BuildingNo matter what type of business you run it’s important that the building is in good condition. Perhaps the most important part of any commercial building is the roof, which protects the entire property and its contents from the elements.

One minor issue can quickly develop into a huge problem that costs tens of thousands of dollars in damage, so you always need to keep a vigilant eye on the condition the roof. This is easier than most think, as there are some obvious signs that the roof on your commercial property has seen better days and needs replaced!

Here are 4 signs that you may need to replace the roof on your commercial building:


Roofs are designed to handle lots of rainfall but if the water sits there for too long it can cause the surface to start sagging. This is a bad sign for any roof, with the sagging usually indicating that the roof is now leaking, with water damage the next likely outcome if left unchecked.

Leaks from sagging eventually cause significant damage to joists and rafters, which can be very expensive to replace. While it is possible to repair sagging, most times it’s best to replace the roof entirely to prevent future leaks, especially if the sagging is widespread across the roof surface.

Water Leakage

When water leaks through the roof there is no guarantee it will cause sagging. Sometimes the water makes its way straight though, with moisture appearing on the ceiling and walls inside of the building.

This is quite an obvious sign that the commercial roof may not offer the same protection it once did. Repairs are possible but this is often a temporary fix, so if there are lots of signs of water leaks around the property then a replacement is recommended – a new roof is usually cheaper than repairing extensive water damage!

Damaged Roof Membrane

The roof membrane can show various signs of damage so be on the lookout for things like blistering, bubbles, cracking, and splitting across the surface material. These all tend to occur from general wear and tear over time, so if your roof hasn’t been replaced in some time be sure to look for this type of damage.

Cracks and splits are easy enough to spot and can often be repaired yet blisters and bubbles are often a sign of more long-term damage. This damage happens because air and/or moisture has built up beneath the roof membrane.

While repairs are possible, if bubbles and blisters reappear, then the best option is to completely replace the roof, as it will be cheaper than constantly repairing the damage and any leaks that may occur from it.


Roofs are exposed to lots of moisture so mold will eventually develop over time, particularly on older roofs. This can lead to unpleasant smells and an unhygienic workplace, which is something any business owner wants to avoid.

It’s possible to remove mold through cleaning but this is only when the problem isn’t too big. If there is a lot of musky smells and mold developing throughout the roofing area, then a replacement is 100% necessary.


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