5 Reasons Why Some Buildings Have a Flat Roof Instead of a Sloped Roof

5 Reasons Why Some Buildings Have a Flat Roof Instead of a Sloped Roof

5 Reasons Why Some Buildings Have a Flat Roof Instead of a Sloped Roof (6)Whether you are adding an extension to an existing building or you are building an entirely new property, selecting a roof is one of the most crucial decisions that you will need to make. Flat and sloped are two most common types of roofing installed nowadays. Flat roofing is more popular because of its various benefits. That’s why most buildings have it.

Here are 5 reasons why some buildings have a flat roof instead of sloped roof:

1. Cost Effectiveness

Flat roof is undoubtedly the best option when you want to spare yourself unnecessary costs or when you are working on a tight budget. Many home and commercial property owners choose flat roofing because of its cost effectiveness. Sloped roofing requires more man hours as well as more materials as compared to flat roofing. Because of this, it comes at a much higher price.

2. Quick Installation

Constructions are notorious for being finished much later than originally planned. Flat roofing is the best option for you if you are eager to get your project completed by its due date. Since it requires fewer materials and features a simpler design as compared to sloped roof, flat roof is constructed much quicker.

3. Longevity

Flat roofs are known to be very long lasting. With quality materials, you can expect a lifespan of at least twenty years – much longer with regular maintenance. There are roofing contractors that can guarantee that flat roofing can last this long. Sloped roofs are also durable and can last just as long as flat roofs. However, because of the initial low costs as well as low maintenance requirements in the long run, most people prefer flat roofs. With flat roofing, you don’t have to worry about having to fork out replacement or repairs. That’s why most buildings have a flat roof instead of a sloped roof.

4. Space Saving

Sloped roofs are constructed in a way to provide space for an extra room or simply increase space within the loft for storage. However, they are not ideal when you are working with a small space or trying to extend your current property. In such cases, flat roofing is a better option. Thanks to its compact design, flat roof is very space saving. So, it is ideal for finishing smaller builds e.g. dormers, garages, porches, etc.

5. Lighter Than Sloped Roof

With all the extra material requirements for sloped roofing, it comes as no surprise that it is much heavier than flat roofing. If you are adding an extension to your existing property, then you should keep in mind that a sloped roof could place unnecessary burden on the foundations of your building and could result in your build’s footings being pushed too deep into the ground. Flat roofing is more suitable when weight is the primary concern because it is lighter than sloped roofing. Because of this, most buildings with new extensions installed feature a flat roof instead of a sloped roof.


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