4 Spring Cleaning Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Building Rooftop

4 Spring Cleaning Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Building Rooftop

Spring cleaning maintenance tips for your commercial building rooftopAfter a long, hard winter there are many parts of a commercial building that require a good spring clean. As most business-owners only consider spring cleaning on the inside of their building, there are parts outside that often get overlooked, with the roof of a commercial building rarely being given a second thought.

Yet taking the time to clean a commercial building rooftop after winter is well worthwhile. Winter months are hard-going on any rooftop, so it’s a good idea to give them a regular spring clean to expand their lifespan, prevent any major issues developing, and generally improving the aesthetics of the building.

Here are 4 spring cleaning maintenance tips for your commercial building rooftop:

Check and Clean Gutters
Winters are known to a large build-up of loose debris throughout a rooftop, leading many gutters to become filled and clogged with leaves, sticks, moss, etc. Come spring rains, the gutters can quickly overflow and cause significant structural damage throughout the rooftop, meaning very costly repairs that could be avoided by simply cleaning out the gutters every spring!

Don’t just focus on cleaning and unclogging the gutters though, as you want to insect it for signs of damage such as rusting, cracks, and any loose sections of the guttering. If necessary, call in for repairs (or even a replacement) as soon as possible to minimize the damage.

Clean the Roof Surface
Much like those hard winter winds and storms cause gutters to become clogged with debris, the rooftop itself may be covered in a variety of messes that needs to be removed. Check around the roof for any natural debris that can be removed and then consider cleaning the roof surface itself.

You’ll find there are many purpose made rooftop cleaning solutions available that are ideal for a commercial building. This can help remove build-ups of dirt and grime that may develop into mold and other unwanted growths, so combine this with a commercial pressure washer and your rooftop will be spotless for the upcoming year.

Maintain Nearby Trees
Many commercial building rooftops have large trees growing within their vicinity. While a nice natural aesthetic, these may become dangerous should they be allowed to grow too close to the building, such as breaking off and damaging the side or roof of the building, so consider maintenance on any trees that may be too close to the rooftop.

Look for Leaks
The wild winter weather can cause significant damage to a rooftop that leads to leakages. Leakages around the roof are the last thing you want as these are very expensive to repair, especially if left unchecked and given time to cause even more structural damage.

So, during your spring cleaning of the rooftop it’s a great idea to check around for signs of damage and leaks. Check for damage on the surface materials on the rooftop, look at vents, downspouts, membrane, caulking, edges, and any other parts that may be susceptible to damage from extreme weather.

Doing so gives the chance to catch any damage or leaks before they become much worse, saving you a lot hassle and even more money in repairs!

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