5 Reasons Why the Roof of Your Commercial Building Leaks When It Rains

5 Reasons Why the Roof of Your Commercial Building Leaks When It Rains

Reasons-Why-the-Roof-of-Your-Commercial-Building-Leaks-When-It-RainsMany commercial property owners ignore roof maintenance until a leak is encountered. However, by the time the leak is apparent, the cost, effort, and time required to rectify the problem becomes much greater as compared to what it would have been if the appropriate action was taken promptly. That’s why knowing a little about what causes roof leaks in a commercial building can be a real help in stopping the issue before it does further damage and can save building owners a lot of money in the long-run.

Following are 5 reasons why the roof of your commercial building leaks when it rains:

1. Dented, Loose, or Ruptured Flashing
Flashing is basically a water/rain proof barrier that takes the form of a slim metal portion that is attached to the detail, for instance on the inner edges of the shingles. These flashes may be uncovered or covered and showcase either extensive lengths of metal or a rubber-like cover. With the passage of time, flashing may lose its seal creating an easy path for water to reach the ceiling and deck. Excessive periods of poor weather can cause the flashings to get cracked or damaged, which also results in leaks.

2. Improper Sloping
A roof that lacks single or multiple slopes develops pools of water that only disappear once evaporated. With time, this phenomenon may cause water to penetrate the membrane. Fortunately, correcting improper sloping is quite easy and it can be done by taper installation and covering the membrane with a new surface.

3. Improperly Installed Equipment
A commercial rooftop is a great location for advertising signs, satellite dishes, and other equipment that is located above the ground level. However, some commercial property owners install the equipment by fastening it with screws that penetrate the membrane of the roof. While the seal around the screws may seem pretty tight, rainwater may penetrate it and waterlog the roof deck underneath. In this case, removing the equipment and resealing the damaged section is the only reliable solution.

4. Indented or Damaged Inlets/Outlets
It is quite common to have points in a commercial building where penetrations through the membrane of the roof are present or the dampness is able to escape through thin pipes leading to the roof. Damage to these penetrations or cracks in the membrane of the roof will cause leaks that may incur interior damage. This can also occur when the flashing that is securing/holding the penetrations have disintegrated because of general wear and tear.

5. Expanded Screw Holes
The screw holes on panel roofs can expand around the screws due to weather damage and/or improper installation. Even if it’s a small expansion, it is enough to create a path for water to penetrate the roof membrane. And if it’s a large expansion, it may cause the panels to blow away. That’s why having them inspected from time to time is crucial.

In conclusion, these are some of the causes of commercial roof leaks. No matter the cause of the leak, if you notice it, then it is highly recommended that you call a roofing company to set up a maintenance plan for preventing issues in the future.

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