4 Reasons Why Hotels Benefit from Using Single Ply Roofing

4 Reasons Why Hotels Benefit from Using Single Ply Roofing

4 Reasons Why Hotels Benefit from Using Single Ply RoofingSingle ply roofing provides flexibility, strength, and durability. Compounded synthetic materials are used to manufacture these commercial roofing systems to follow high quality control standards. There are several benefits of installing single ply roofing. That’s why most commercial buildings, especially hotels, choose single ply roofing.

Here are 4 reasons why hotels benefit from using single ply roofing:

1. Initial Cost Savings
Single ply roofing tends to be quite cost effective and this is one of the top reasons why most hotel and commercial building owners choose this roofing system. TPO roofing provides a lot of the same benefits as PVC roofing, including energy efficiency and hot-air weldable seams, but at a lower cost to you.

There are some factors that you must consider when estimating the cost of the roofing system, e.g. the time of the year (Summer and Spring may cost more as they are busier seasons), the method that is used to attach the membrane, the thickness of the single ply roofing membrane, and labor charges. But even if you consider all these factors, single ply roofing still costs relatively less than other types of roofing systems.

2. Ease of Installation
Ease of installation is another benefit of single ply roofing that is worth mentioning. Single ply roofing membranes are lightweight and wide, so there aren’t as many seams, hence making them easier to install. Since it takes less labor and time to install single ply roofing, the installation is cost effective. Apart from this, single ply roofing can be installed in several different ways. The membranes can be installed fully adhered, mechanically attached, or point-affixed. Many hotels choose single ply roofing due to the ease of installation.

3. Energy Efficiency
Energy efficient roofs save money in the long run and single ply roofing is very energy efficient. One of the primary reasons it is energy efficient is that the reflective surface of the roof repels the heat of the sun, hence helping to lower the amount of energy required to cool down the building. Apart from this, some single ply roofing membranes, for example TPO, are UV resistant. By installing a UV resistant single ply roofing membrane with a smooth surface, you can ensure the best energy efficiency performance. Furthermore, a smooth surface offers the most protection against debris and dust, which is highly beneficial because debris and dust can severely reduce the reflective properties of the roof of the hotel and lead to accelerated aging.

4. Durability
Durability is another key benefit you can enjoy by installing single ply roofing. The flexible nature of the membrane used in single ply roofing system makes it highly resistant to damage, punctures, and tears from impact of any kind. The building moves and settles because of this flexibility, without compromising the performance of the roof. Furthermore, single ply roofing handles thermal contraction and expansion more efficiently as compared to other types of roofing systems.

Because of all the benefits mentioned above, it’s no wonder why many hotel and commercial building owners love single ply roofing.

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