6 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for the Rainy Season

6 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for the Rainy Season

6 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for the Rainy SeasonRainy season can result in significant damage to roofs on commercial buildings, especially when the roof has not been adequately prepared for the upcoming weather. Frequent rainfall often damages roof surfaces, resulting in small or large leaks that can cause extensive water damage to the building foundations, while possibly damaging inventory and equipment inside.

Therefore, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to prepare the roof of your commercial property. Doing so ensures the roof is equipped to handle the oncoming rains without getting damaged or leaking.

Here are 6 ways to prepare your roof for the rainy season:

Inspect the Roof

Start your preparations with a roof inspection, walking along the entire rooftop to look for signs of damage, pooling, and build-ups of debris. This lets you determine what – if any – repairs are needed before the rains arrive to ensure the roof and building remain undamaged.

Repair Damaged Shingles

Your roof shingles are the first line of defense during rainy season so make sure they aren’t damaged! Look for small tears and rips that may let in water, also keeping an eye out for signs of damage such as warping, shirking, or cracking.

If you’re unsure of whether the roof shingles need repair, get a roof inspection completed to determine if there are any problems and how much they would cost to repair.

Install New Shingles

If your roof has seen better days and you’ve noticed all kinds of surface damage then it may be better to get a new surface laid before the rainy season starts.

While there are many great options, single ply roofing materials are currently some of the best, being highly flexible so they can withstand high volumes of rainfall.

Should you already have single ply roofing then just make sure that it is not damaged and is properly maintained for the upcoming change in weather.

Clean Out Gutters

The excess rain means your guttering system is under more pressure than ever, so now is the time to check it for any blockages and clean as needed. If you forget to clean your gutters then the water can get backed up and pool on the roof surface, so make sure they are free from debris before the rainy season starts!

Check Flashing

Flashing is generally very durable against the elements but you should always check it to make sure it isn’t damaged. Holes, cracks, and rusting will develop over time and can end up causing leaks if left unchecked during the rainy season, so check all flashing on your rooftop to make sure it’s undamaged, replacing as necessary.

Maintain Nearby Trees

If any trees are nearby the roof, they could end up causing significant damage during a storm should any overhanging branches break off. So, check the distance of any trees that are near the roof and trim away overhanging branches.

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