5 Reasons Why Homes with Flat Roofs Benefit from Single Ply Roofing

5 Reasons Why Homes with Flat Roofs Benefit from Single Ply Roofing

5 Reasons Why Homes with Flat Roofs Benefit from Single Ply RoofingSingle ply roofing has become one of the most widely used materials for covering flat roofs in both domestic and commercial properties. Consisting of multiple layers of flexible synthetic polymers, single ply roofing is typically made from thermoplastic materials such as PVC and offer many advantages over other roofing materials.

In fact, these benefits are so notable that the use of single ply roofing has skyrocketed in the past few decades. Simple to install and very affordable, single ply is easily one of the best roofing materials for flat roofed houses!

Here are 5 reasons why homes with flat roofs benefit from single ply roofing:

Improved Thermal Efficiency

Single ply roofing offers improved insulation on flat roofed homes by providing an additional layer on top of the roof’s current insulation. The membrane reduces the gap between these two layers much more than with other roofing materials, meaning less heat escapes through the roof of the house!


You always want your roofing to be durable as it will face all kinds of exposure to the natural elements. From UV rays to rainfall to frost and ice, a roof is under constant attack so the roofing material must be built to last – which is exactly what single ply roofing is.

Almost every single ply roofing material is 100% resistant to UV damage while also being durable against build ups of mould, algae, and other micro-organisms that develop on roofs over time. Also, because it’s applied with hot air welds, the plastics are more resistant against tearing and warping.

Long Lasting

Due to the impressive durability of single ply roofing you can expect it to last for many years without needing to be replaced. In fact, the average lifespan of single ply roofing on a flat roofed home is 40 years!

That is one of the best investments that you can buy for your property, providing the upmost protection while lasting for several decades – talk about value for money!

Low Maintenance

While many roofs last for years, they often need the odd bit of maintenance to keep any serious issues arising.

For instance, small tears on the roofing are often fixed rather than completely replacing the material but if you forget to fix this issue, then the tear can develop into a much bigger (and more expensive) problem to fix.

Single ply roofing is very low-maintenance, thanks in no part to its impressive durability. You can therefore expect much less maintenance over the years, as common roofing problems such as tears, splits, and punctures are unlikely to be a problem.

Fire Resistant

Single ply roofing is usually made from fire retardant materials to give it is high UV resistance but this also offers another huge benefit – resistance to fire. You don’t need to worry about fire causing significant damage to the roof, while certain single ply roofing membranes can self-extinguish, making it one of the safest roofing materials when it comes to fire protection.


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